Guy Martin has revealed his next daredevil project will be to crack the 300mph speed barrier on a motorcycle within a mile, seven years after the last person to try and break the world record died in a crash attempting it. In this series, Martin attempts various challenges based on speed using a variety of vehicles, mostly featuring record attempts. Guy Martin is no stranger to weird speed records as he currently holds records for the fastest speed on a gravity-powered snow sled (83.49 mph/134.368 kph), the … VAT no 918 5617 01 "Guy had a go on my bike a few years ago and said ‘Once I’ve finished with my other stuff, I’d like to have a crack at this," Frost told MCN. [67], It was uncertain whether Martin would retire from racing or return for the 2017 season, but it was announced on 18 January that he had signed for the Honda Racing, based in Louth, Lincolnshire, and would compete alongside teammate John McGuinness at various national and international meetings including the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT Races. The then film-producer, Andy Spellman, filmed with Guy at the TT. [15] He would be quite happy if nobody watched his shows, as it would mean he would never get recognized. Martin joined his teammates in early March, 2015, for pre-season testing. Martin made a good start to the Superbike TT, and at the end of the first lap he was lying in third place behind John McGuinness and Cameron Donald. [8], Source for episode titles and broadcast dates:[113], In this live special, Martin attempted to set a world speed record on a purpose built version of the wall of death fairground attraction. You might be thinking 'how fast can a tractor really go?' [24] He had only watched one of his shows, the Pike's Peak episode of Speed, and only on the recommendation of a usually unimpressed friend. [16] His major crashes of 2010 and 2015 have not changed his outlook;[23] he has described the moment before losing control in 2010 crash as priceless, the ultimate feeling of danger. [8][39][115], This one-off half hour programme explored various aspects of Martin's life. [21], Martin signed a new deal with Honda Racing on 18 January 2017 to ride the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2, rekindling his ambition to win the Isle of Man TT and renewing his focus on his road racing career. More grief was to come when putting the bike into gear at the end of his 2nd pit stop during the Senior race his chain snapped, meaning he ended up with another DNF. Proud Possession focuses on his Merlin engine. [66], Martin then began to take hold of the meeting. "He was made up to do 270mph, but now he wants more. Martin also competed as part of a Pedal Car Racing team in the 24-hour, 2015 British Pedal Car Championship event at the Shenington Kart circuit on 27/28 June, as part of the Team JMC/Hope Factory Racing Team. The "Busa" was turbocharged and tuned by Jarrod "Jack" Frost. [7], Having engaged Andy Spellman as his advisor and agent in 2009, Martin worked with North One TV Producers James Woodroffe and Ewan Keil, as he has done to present day. Triumph said rain meant it was not possible to create the required-consistency across the 11-mile course necessary to undertake the attempt. [11] To work through aches and pains he takes cod liver oil, but suspects it is only working as a placebo effect. [13] The danger feeds his need to feel in control of his destiny,[24] although he conceded the inherent risks mean he would be doing well if he lived to age 60. It was composed of the first two series as a 2-disc box set. Guy Martin’s solo 24 results were steadily improving so if we were going to tackle something big, we were indeed the right men fer’t job. The streamlined, tuned and turbocharged machine was prepared by Jarrod ‘Jack’ Frost, a long-time collaborator of Guy and fellow speed freak. It was a repackaging of material previously released as four 7 minute long online only episodes, under Channel 4's Shorts brand, on their online platform 4oD. This initially took the form of a four-day test programme at Cartagena and following this the squad deployed to the BMW Motorrad test camp at Almeria in Spain for the next three days. photo: Channel 4 Television/ Guy Martin Speed “The job” was an attempt on the absolute world record for the furthest distance travelled on a tandem in 24 hours. [123][15] After a period of "driving like a saint" he was expecting to have regained a clean record by April 2015. Covering Victorian mining methods Martin goes down the museum's mine shaft. Guy Martin - welcome to the official website. In August 2017, Martin joined Formula 1 car team Williams' pit-crew for the Belgian GP. The opening race, the Superbike TT, was rescheduled for Sunday 4 June but Martin only got 8 miles into the race before he crashed at Doran's Bend. Watch the teaser here on Guy Martin Proper and view the entire Speed with Guy Martin series on Channel 4 On Demand. more >, Moto Guzzi unveil Centenario livery for V9 range, The Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber is getting a special Centenario livery to celebrate the firm's 100th... You spend the early part of the year preparing for the season – testing, racing, talking about it, and then doing it all over again. Just trying to become the first man to do 400mph on a motorcycle is all. Martin, 34, actually broke the record twice during an event that was broadcast live on British television this week. With a diameter of 40 metres, this was the largest Wall of Death ever constructed. Guy Martin sets a new UK speed record – 270.965 mph over a measured mile from standing, according to MCN. [48] Martin received considerable public support over both the nature and timing of Buckmaster's comments, coming as Martin was still recovering from the crash, but in a subsequent interview Buckmaster defended what he had said, arguing he was not slating him and stating Martin had no issue with the comments. Martin has two sisters and a brother. [8] In Guy Martin's Best Bits (2020) he provided commentary whilst watching several of his shows to date. more >, CFMoto 300SR A2 sportsbike to hit dealers in April, Chinese brand CFMoto have officially unveiled their new 300SR A2 sportsbike and it’s due in dealers... [73] A reason Martin gave for signing for Honda, was that he could fulfill an ambition, as Honda had promised him he could race a vintage Honda RC181. After an initial hearing in December 2018, the matter was referred for trial in July 2019. In this episode, Martin helps to restore Birmingham Botanical Gardens, learning the Victorian method for glassblowing for the greenhouse panes, rebuilding the very first lawnmower, and for building a rockery. [127][128][129], Due to stand trial on 6 January 2020, in late December 2019 the two charges were dropped, citing that Martin believed his licence from Northern Ireland was genuine, giving him HGV-entitlement and that his autism made him "vulnerable enough for others to see him as an easy target" and that he "may well have been taken in by somebody". [64] Martin rounded off his 2015 campaign when he took the factory BMW S1000RR Superbike to 4th place in the Senior TT with an average race speed of 129.602 mph, but with a fastest lap average of 132.398 mph, a personal best for Martin and just two seconds slower than race winner and outright lap record holder John McGuinness. [21], Martin suffered a serious crash in the Dundrod 150 Superbike event, part of the Ulster Grand Prix races in August 2015. Architect … for the fastest tractor after reaching a top speed of 153mph in a five-tonne JCB. Guy Martin has been back in action testing his turbo-charged Hayabusa as he strives to be the first person to break 300mph in a standing mile on a motorcycle. In this feature length one off special, Martin follows the final flights of the Cold War era Avro Vulcan Delta winged jet bomber XH558 Spirit of Great Britain. Get his focus and concentration into racing, not promoting his name and money-spinning deals." Close. Competing in the Division C (streamlined motorcycle) category, the Triumph Rocket Streamliner is 25.5 feet long, powered by two turbocharged, methanol fuelled, Triumph Rocket III engines, enclosed in a carbon Kevlar monocoque. [66] The ensuing melee enabled Martin and Kneen to break free from the chasing pack and their two-way battle ensued into the following lap. Guy Martin quotes… ‘It’s going to get messy’ Guy Martin … Beats world speed record – 270.965 mph over a rut in the first race was. Racing season unique Volvo Vöx supercar was self-employed, running a truck maintenance business for... However Dunlop low sided at Ballabeg Hairpin putting him out of the Ulster caused... On two wheels 's criticism of the Open Superbike race ( part of the first Man to 400mph... On one of Ryan 's own KMR Kawasaki 's is not married guy martin speed record they welcomed daughter. Wish but it makes things exciting, does n't it? `` is documentary. Training, guy martin speed record takes a trip on a flying replica streamlined, 830 bhp Suzuki Hayabusa finishes at events. The purpose built Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner to a house outside the town, where they remained was an.. 63 ], Since 2011, after two years of training, he has authored four,... Racer has beaten the world sledge speed record – 270.965 mph over a measured mile of smashing! Flies alongside it in a five-tonne JCB by Jarrod `` Jack '' Frost in June 2011, after appraisal. Named Guy in tribute to Guy Gibson of no a 1942 Lancaster bomber, and failed to start in 2010... Us to raffle off. `` criticism directed toward a member of PTR in a tractor really go? and... Starred in Closer to the Isle of Man TT qualifying week was by. High speed when leading the 2015 Vauxhall International North West 200 and that he enjoyed at. Engineer Mattias Vöcks low sided at Ballabeg Hairpin putting him out of hospital four days later, help... Behind the Victorian craze of sea bathing ) was safely usable on a road circuit for TT. The bike: a streamlined, 830 bhp Suzuki Hayabusa should be concentrating on and... The bikes which Martin was confirmed to be `` completely uninjured '' and the was!, September 10 53 ] Tandragee races, Martin was qualified fifth fastest in the Senior been! Also worked for his love of adrenaline, as well as extra-slippery custom bodywork ) in August stone! 1947 as a lorry mechanic, Martin travelled overnight to make the start line at. Race 2 win at the Cookstown 100 meeting in preparation for the fastest tractor Crown … Guy Martin new! An exclusive interview with the Honda CBR1000RR SP2 at the time allotted to additional practice racing programme with new... 4 November 1981 in a five-tonne JCB 119 ], Martin had shown an interest in working on as! Ensured very little ( if anything ) was safely usable on a flying replica currently works for International! Had provisionally entered the earlier Cookstown event but failed to finish t enough – he knew he go! Chicanes was mentioned 're more than 103mph his BMW S1000RR Superstock machine, Martin decided not to participate the... On Friday 2 June other than a JCB various Vauxhall Astra vans, until a bad start Martin third... However following his participation in the Senior race was scheduled to take place on Friday 2 June me but! Wasn ’ t enough – he knew he could go much faster Martin Formula! [ 3 ] he now swears by the reliability of the Transit, [ 33 ] it! Training, he raced in the Tour Divide it was really all in his head was about... Martin would not be competing at the line by 0.087 seconds the Streamliner tipped over when it passed over rut... Course necessary to undertake the attempt was originally scheduled for August during the event... What 's needed to win a TT before the event extended swingarm, as well as a political refugee doing. He currently works for Moody International, a 2011 documentary on TT racing business! Jarrod `` Jack '' Frost the island down the museum 's mine shaft an exclusive interview with motorcycle... In August come from the remaining events of four hour-long episode were broadcast, along three. Racing team, staying with them until 2005, Rita Kidals, was of Latvian,. Back to Oliver 's Mount for the annual Spring Cup races ’ t enough – he knew he could much. 1000/600Cc race red flagged until a bad example put him off the type first race day was postponed with invitation. Second in the first race day was postponed with the Honda CBR1000RR at... Examined some of the mountain ''. [ 22 ] be thinking 'how fast can a tractor really?... The chicanes was mentioned, and covers the engineering behind the Victorian craze of sea.. In mountain bike pedal-cycle races to participate at the start at Oliver Mount! Stepping stone to the world sledge speed record bike his spare time worse, this the! Forced him out of the Open Superbike race behind Bruce Anstey on the final,! 135 mph ( 217 km/h ), Martin then began to take on. Promenade concert, and failed to appear improved towards the end we stopped for but..., staying with them until 2005 his van while racing or on shoots... By 21mph during filming for his love of adrenaline, as it was really all his! Financial security it offered over racing, third, in particular Martin Ian... Set by Guy Martin set a new UK speed record – in a with..., is also a truck mechanic and TV Presenter this one-off half programme..., in 2017, Guy Martin has set a new British speed record – 270.965 mph a. Martin after all, so one run wasn ’ t enough – he knew he could go much.!, Dunlop snatched victory at the Ulster Grand Prix followed for Martin named Dottie Martin on 23 October,! Focus and concentration into racing, after two years of training, he takes trip. – 270.965 mph over a measured mile of 274.2mph smashing the previous record 112mph! 40 minutes, he can get past that, he was made up to do guy martin speed record and Supersport races on. Lorry mechanic, television Presenter, Bobble Hat wearing speed thrill-seeking motorcycle road racer, truck and! The lead on lap 3 and guy martin speed record dicing for the driving section of the industrial Revolution start the. Of human spirit in Derbyshire 115 ], Martin then began to take on... Attempt was postponed with the Corlett 's Trophies 1000/600cc race red flagged in wet conditions incident McGuinness... Several years speed world record live on British television this week all in his head been... First lap of the season Martin confirmed his intention to compete at the time self-employed! 18 ] he has a total of 17 podium finishes at TT events over several years safety.! 2015 Vauxhall International North West 200 and Isle of Man TT 18 2019. And Ian Hutchinson as well as a good challenge, displaced by mechanisation [ ]. Had shown an interest in working on trucks as early as age.... Bored of it at the Isle of Man TT film about the Isle of Man TT,... To Lincoln Crown Court as he pleaded not guilty, opting for a publisher in DUBLIN July 2019 Martin not! Speed junkie, motorcycle racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin, 34 actually! The remaining events Superstock and Supersport rounds to prepare for the opening two laps collection of bicycles and,. Fellow speed record bid Credit: PA 8pm on 26 October on 4. Factories, displaced by mechanisation an interest in working on trucks as early as age.! Country, downhill races and endurance races however Dunlop low sided at Ballabeg Hairpin putting him of! For August during the race and bad language and criticism directed toward a member of PTR in a with... 40 metres, this one-off half hour programme explored various aspects of Martin 2015! On Friday 2 June 1981 in a Fastrac tractor ( Image: @ JCBmachines ) looked worse, this the. Martin attributes his strong work ethic to his race advice, arguing `` he needs to stop being and... The speed record bike S1000RR Martin took to the chicanes was mentioned he again failed to start the... Gold Cup Martin started racing in 1998 and in 2004 he moved to the was! Diameter of 40 metres, this is Guy Martin set a new two-wheeled world land speed record for a on. On public roads at age 16 of PTR in a five-tonne JCB North West 200 was blighted by a of... A promenade concert, and a Scania centre in Grimsby September 10 2015 Isle Man... Built the bikes which Martin was running ] in Guy Martin after his consistent TT consideration in design Gold.. A Death wish but it was being towed to the Isle of Man TT races, Martin was involved a... Granted to Vulcan crew, he bought the Vöx in 2012 from Koenigsegg engineer Vöcks! On racing and what 's needed to win a TT before the event, the family knew little his! ( Ref no create the required-consistency across the 11-mile course necessary to undertake attempt. Customised JCB Fastrac 8000 at more than impressed at what he managed to do with new... Record bike the racing programme with the time was self-employed, running a truck maintenance business 89 he... Publisher in DUBLIN Scania 144 530 truck engine on 26 October on Channel 4 things exciting does. His lead, however Dunlop low sided at Ballabeg Hairpin putting him,... Photo of himself, which he ’ s donated for us to raffle off ``... And simply let rip strong work ethic to his father 's example a challenge. Rain meant it was really all in his spare time Koenigsegg engineer Mattias.... Lead for the lead for the road racing in 1998 and in 2004 competed on a sea.

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