Samsung and LG were thorough in adding useful features and wide-ranging audio compatibility to … Out for a run? The q90r wouldn’t passthrough Dolby vision which was a problem. If the future of audio is Atmos, then the LG SN11RG is best prepared to play that future content. Those annoyances were the reason I bought the equally priced LG but then I quickly realized that it was simply a "grass is greener" situation. The Samsung HW-Q90R 7.1.4 Kit (on Amazon) is another great option, with the linked kit including the soundbar, sub, and two more wireless speakers. LG SN11RG vs Samsung HW-Q90R. Lg has done it this year sn9 sounds heaps good alot more high end treble and mid bass and low end is good too the samsung hw q90r i think wouldnt sound as good as the sn11rg and even … Do you plan to seek out 3D audio soundtracks, or will you spend more of your time consuming regular audio that doesn't require an Atmos bubble? Will have to raise or wallmount my c9, You're right, it's a no brainer. My PS4 is my only Blu Ray player so I was unable to test out Atmos since I can't even get the rears to properly work*. However, the SN11RG may be short but is also nine inches wider and a half-inch deeper, which will make it much harder to squeeze under certain TVs or inside entertainment centers. While both devices are selling at or near full price as of publication, we've also seen them selling at several hundred dollars off recently. There's no denying how great the S20 FE is, so make sure you have a case, Keep your Samsung Galaxy Tab A protected with these cases. The Samsung Q90R and the Samsung Q80R have very similar performance. We will stress again, however, that the HW-Q90R does have better sound quality outside of Atmos, but that relies on the assumption that you can manually calibrate it to fit your space. I will use it mainly with my ps4/xbox1x and built in streaming services Netflix/amazon/atv. While it sounds impressive out of the box, and ideally shouldn't need much tweaking, you may end up needing to tinker with the EQ settings for a while to ensure the sound works for your living room's particular layout. The built-in Atmos demo was incredibly impressive as well. Like you touched on, I mostly use it for movies and streaming content. Both devices have their strengths and weaknesses, but overall they're totally comparable in performance, and share the same major flaw: how expensive they are. The 7.1.4 configuration is … Prices can vary hugely between countries. LG's soundbar, subwoofer, and rear speakers are all larger than Samsung's, and while size isn't everything it does correlate to stronger 3D audio in this case. That was my second big red flag. It's just not the same league. Although the Sony setup above compares with the … I had no such issues with my Q90R. You're in luck because we picked the best you can choose from. The LG SN9YG is the best 5.1 LG soundbar that we've tested. Thanks! I really want the SN11RG as I have the LG c9 so earc for me is a great feature for it. Wonder how it compares with LG SN11RG - which seemed to perform better than Samsung Q90 in the Atmos department only because the Q90R was lacking with its rear speaker … And thanks to its room calibration and EQ settings, it knows just how to echo sound to work in your living room. Samsung HW-Q90R Shop now at Amazon. It came today and I spent all day playing around with it and listening to all the content I would normally listen to. These two flagship soundbars, which are some of the best soundbars available right now, are priced and designed for an epic showdown. And various users and reviews report that movie dialogue is difficult to hear outside of specific sound modes, and can at times sound distorted or at a distance from the rest of the audio. I don't believe in using preset sound modes because I like to hear audio as intended. Atmos and surround sound content does sound a bit better to me. ... Samsung wont be releasing the HW Q950T i think they will updating the Q90R Q80R for hdmi EARC … In terms of bass, clear dialogue and forward-facing channels, Samsung has the clear advantage. The LG SN11RG's subwoofer is loud, but generally lacks clarity to differentiate between one loud noise and another. 2. 2.48 in. LG also sports a USB port if you want to connect an external hard drive of music or video files. The first red flag was the lack of proper surround sound support for both my PS4 and Switch. I was going to but the Samsung HW-Q90R bar to replace the HW-K450 but I saw that LG released the new SN11RG. Get FREE OnePlus Buds Z when youpurchase the N10 5G! You also must use a Google Home app to set up your LG SN11RG, which will be convenient for some and annoying for others. Glad to hear an opposing experience. First thing I noticed was how much wider and impressive the stereo separation was. I’m a bit torn atm, I had decided to wait and go for the sn11rg when it came out to use with my LG c9, a big part of that was the no earc on the q90r, which it now has. The HW-Q90R top is all open, making it susceptible to dust clogging, where the mostly-solid SN11RG top will make it easier to keep clean. It was just a little too buggy for me. Based on your reasons, the LG sounds perfect for you. The Samsung HW-Q90R is easily the closest current rival to the SN11RG. The choice was clear. All of these details aside, you're most likely here to know how both perform generally, or for Atmos specifically. The sub is in the corner of the room (best spot for me). What drove me to the LG was 1) it's slim profile and not blocking my X940E (no eARC either) and 2) the better surround as I love that more (for non surround shows and movies, I can even settle just using the TV speakers which I have been doing for years). Samsung and LG were thorough in adding useful features and wide-ranging audio compatibility to their soundbars. Yet while we're comparing two Dolby Atmos soundbars, most streamed content today isn't Atmos-compliant and doesn't take advantage of height. Looking forward to watching both with the q90r soon! But does the earc work as it should on the Samsung? Despite those issues, I went ahead and played to see what this thing sounds like. Which is the best bar? You get all of the main audio processing and AV decoding formats with both soundbars, and a variety of custom sound modes designed to optimize specific content. Although I cannot compare since I don't have the Q90R. Voice clarity when watching cable TV was pretty subpar. After owning my Q90R for about a month after dealing with Q90R bugs and hearing SN11RG hype, I decided to order an SN11RG. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Plus they're not even the same generation. Either soundbar offers uncompressed audio and easy connectivity with other speakers and apps; but LG enables casting, which is particularly convenient. My rears are right behind me on opposite ends of my couch (couch is against the wall). The LG SN11rg has it all over the Samsung Q90 bar for any and all music, movie, tv or serious audio. The HW-Q90R is one of the strongest Dolby Atmos / DTS:X soundbars on the market thanks to its 8-inch wireless subwoofer and effective rear speakers with upward-facing drivers. I’m happy. Don't get me wrong, the LG definitely comes alive with Atmos at higher volumes. €800 for the Q90r €1500 for the SN11RG. Loving the q90r so far as well! It's not ideal that its non-Atmos sound quality has some documented issues, but with EQ tweaking you should be able to resolve some of them. This makes it easy to cast your favorite smartphone music app to the soundbar via voice command, or connect other speakers via Google Home for easy multi-room audio. We have found the best options that money can buy while keeping the Tab A safe from life. I hope the Q900T will lower the q90t's price even further. The SN11RG is, for lack of a more apt word, long. I set up the SN11RG the same way. The best soundbar 2020, Samsung soundbar (Q90R) vs LG soundbar (SN11R), Which one is better? Some sounds were impressive but most of the time, a lot of sounds were annoyingly overpowering. I am keeping the Q90R and returning the SN11RG. It separates soundtracks into clear objects and disperses them above you so you can hear a whole world around you. 3.27 in. Samsung HW-Q90R vs. LG SN11RG: Which Atmos soundbar should you buy? Samsung HW-Q90R vs. LG SN11RG: Nitpicking two excellent soundbars. Consider carefully, as both soundbars surpass the other in one of these areas. All rear sounds would come out of the side firing speakers for some reason. Before you settle on the HW-Q90R, take into account how familiar you are with EQ customization. Turning up the volume doesn't help since it makes other sounds even louder. The Samsung HW-Q90R holds its own against most Dolby Atmos soundbars, including the LG SN11RG. What was the price then? My Q90R return period ends on Saturday but I only needed a day to decide. In other words, you’ll want to … LG SN11RG features — Specs make it a direct rival to Samsung HW-Q90R The biggest draw of the LG SN11RG is its combination of a true 7.1.4-channel speaker system, Dolby Atmos and … It did sound great though. I can get the rears to work on my PS4 by selecting "Bitstream Dolby" or "DTS" but unfortunately it's a downgrade in audio quality. Both the Samsung HW-Q90R and LG SN11RG have one HDMI output and two inputs, enabling ARC/eARC and 4K/HDR10 pass-through, as well as connectivity options via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optical cable. LG SN11RG: The LG SN11RG is a good overall model, but it sounds a little bass-heavy compared to better-balanced soundbars like the Samsung HW-Q950T. LG SN11RG: 1 – You … If you see one selling for far cheaper than usual, we say grab it while you can. I had the LG and love it. Unlike nearly all soundbars at this price range, including the LG SN11RG, Samsung's soundbars have no automatic room calibration. Source: LG. It gets louder, has a better overall sound and soundstage, and performs better at max volume. And for standard audio performance, the HW-Q90R arguably wins out. This well-built 5.1.2 soundbar is very similar to the LG SN10YG in terms of look and performance but is available at a … With stiff competition in the mid-range market, it's clear that Samsung wants to compete and the S20 FE is fantastic. I returned the SL10YG and got the Samsung Q90R which I really enjoy, but the lack of eARC which was supposed to be implemented, but has not seen the light of day has given me a sour taste for Samsung. The HW-Q90R doesn't officially pass-through Dolby Vision like the SN11RG, but in actuality many users have been able to pass through DV content. the atmos effect is so good. The LG SN11RG soundbar system in a much … Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 FE and the device is sure to turn plenty of heads for the next few months. I mostly spend my TV/Soundbar time playing PS4 and Switch so I have them connected directly to my Q90R for the best sound possible. A bit of background: I have an LG B7 OLED which means no eARC. … Close. 'Power' denotes how powerful the soundbar is, measures in watts. I am now glad I didnt! Also, the Q90R has more effective local dimming thanks to the greater number of local dimming zones than the Q80R. Although our Q90R … The HW-Q90R is no slouch, and wins easily in Atmos performance against less powerful soundbars like the Sonos Arc. Another not so important issue is the height of the samsung. 5.75 in. Turning to the physical design, there are elements to like, or dislike, about both. I suppose I could have messed with some sound settings to make voices sound better but that's not something I had to do with my Q90R. It my not be perfect for game playing, but if you can pay up for the soundbar, you can … Yet against LG, Samsung doesn't perform quite as well in surround sound. The LG SN11RG is a definite step-up for the Korean giant, resulting is a system that not only delivers a genuinely immersive object-based audio experience, but also provides a viable … I can see that the LG is 770W vs … LG CX65 lI Samsung HW-Q90R lI Roku Ultra 2020 Il Sony PS5 Il Nintendo Switch II Logitech Harmony Companion. I was torn between both and was on the fence. Its rear speakers lack the verticality necessary to make Atmos content seem groundbreaking. Thus, each rival surpasses the other in key areas that may or may not be important to you, but overall, both are reliable purchases regardless of some minor shortcomings. They're 1 year apart. You get a specialized Bluetooth remote with either device, as well as an app for controlling settings. What's a good sale price in general for the HW-Q90r? The SN11RG is way more powerful overall than any built-in TV sound system, too. 48.27 in. My issue is that it doesn't sound better than the Q90R when it comes to non-atmos content at normal volumes other than the wider soundstage. Surrounds you with a true sphere of sound. The Samsung Q90R has a slightly faster response time, which some enthusiasts might notice when watching sports. There are a lot of cases for the Galaxy Tab A that aim to keep your device protected while looking good at the same time. Your VA preference aside, the more important LG feature is built-in Chromecast. We're not hyping up this Atmos soundbar showdown to make it seem more competitive than it really is. LG SN11RG Shop now at Amazon. I activated surround mode and the "bubble" effect is real. Long story short, the LG definitely excels in surround effects but when it comes to overall sound quality and balance, the Q90R continues to wear the crown (for me). LG's new soundbar is the latest challenger for the Dolby Atmos crown, and makes a valiant effort. If you remove the Resale value of YOUR equation, the Q90R at around $1,000 USD is the best value out there. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Everything sounded a bit... off on the LG. The most comprehensive soundbars comparison for all premium models in the market, including Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio, Klipsch and Nakamichi Dolby Atmos soundbars, released in 2019 and 2020. Outside of Atmos, it's an all-around excellent speaker that does a good job of upscaling any audio source to 7.1.4ch and using adaptive AI to make dialogue clearer and action scenes more dynamic. LG gives you excellent rear speakers, which ensures it aces the object-oriented audio and height effects you need to take the most advantage of Atmos soundtracks. Looking to go for a run outside or on a treadmill while rocking a pair headphones to play your favorite tunes? My cable box and Chromecast is connected to my TV and my Q90R is connected via ARC. In today's video, we take a look at the brand new 2020 LG SN11RG 7.1.4 Sound Bar Surround Sound System. With Samsung, you have a similar AI mode (Adaptive Sound) for converting lower-quality audio to 7.1.4, a Surround sound mode to take full advantage of your rear speakers, and a Game Pro mode designed specifically for action-packed video game soundtracks. The HW-Q90R is nearly an inch taller than the more sleek LG SN11RG, which makes it trickier to fit under some TVs. In this video, we compare two of the top soundbars from LG and Samsung for 2019. Will I be able to get both dolby vison and the best sound available without lag and lipsync-issues with the Samsung now? The LG SN11rg has it all over the Samsung Q90 bar for any and all music, movie, tv or serious audio. Samsung HW-Q90R vs LG SN11RG. If you're picking one of these awesome new devices up, make sure you pair it with a case to keep it looking awesome. I personally don't feel like the superior Atmos performance is worth the downgrade in non Atmos sound quality for my uses. Sound quality, the Q90R wins. The LG SN11RG has a power of 770W, but the Samsung HW-Q90R is only a 512W soundbar (258W smaller). I don't get why people are comparing these 2 soundbars. It my not be perfect for game playing, but if you can pay up for the soundbar, you can afford an OLED with eArc and a 4K UDP device for the finest 4K discs. Posted by 5 months ago. So to each his own. Generally speaking, the … In the Netherlands, the LG costs 66% more. It also benefits from multiple AI modes for optimizing audio content, AI room calibration, and built-in Chromecast for easy streaming. Almost everyone there says the LG is miles better. Q90R: 3 – With value, comes Price and Resale value. Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, LPCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution, DTS Digital Surround, Standard, Surround, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode, Standard, AI Sound Pro, Music, Bass Blast +, Night Time, Neural:X, AV Sync. My Q90R rears get plenty loud and clear when they need to be so no complaints there. Both are 7.1.4 channel setups with eARC, HDR10 and Dolby Vision pass-through, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility thanks to up-firing rear speakers, and AI-based upscaling and sound modes — and both cost a hefty sum. And enjoy your setup! Just got the 4K steelbooks of Gladiator and Braveheart, neither of which my gf has seen for some reason, heh. However, the fact the LG SN11RG outperforms the HW-Q90R in creating an Atmos bubble makes a compelling case that you should lean that direction. Q90R has better stereo performance, but SN11RG has better Atmos and surround performance. Its aggressive, punchy approach, more consistent impact, more responsive bass and wider vocal dispersion solve … Check out these headphones. The SN11RG will wow you with Atmos, but some shortcomings will become clear when you watch regular TV. Keep in mind that they are raving about its Atmos/Blu Ray performance (which I can firmly agree with based on the built-in Atmos demo).

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